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Clancy Eccles

Freedom Orange Vinyl


Release Date: 25/09/2020

Discs: 1

The development of the rock steady sound, late in 1966, enabled a new generation of young, dynamic music makers to make a mark upon Jamaica’s recording industry and of these, few proved more successful or influential than Clancy Eccles. In 1969 he scored his biggest hit, the rambunctious ‘Fattie Fattie’, which sold in huge amounts both at home and the UK. The single’s popularity prompted Trojan Records to issue Eccles’s debut long-player, Freedom, which gathered the best of his self-produced recordings as a singer. Freedom’s sleeve photo is one of the classic reggae music images, with Clancy riding a motorcycle through a rugged terrain absolutely screaming relaxed cool.


1. Freedom
2. What Will Your Mother Say
3. Two Of A Kind
4. The World Needs Loving
5. Dollar Train
6. Constantinople


1. Fattie Fattie
2. Auntie Lulu
3. Shu Be Du
4. My Girl
5. I Need You
6. Mounzion