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Derrick Morgan

Derrick Morgan and His Friends Orange Vinyl

Heavyweight LP £20.00

Release Date: 06/03/2020

Discs: 1

In the early 1960’s, when the Jamaican recording industry was still very much in its infancy, the local music scene was dominated by a mere handful of performers. Among these musical pioneers was Derrick Morgan. A year after the launch of the islands records label (1967), they released the Derrick Morgan And His Friends LP, which has since become a highly prized collector’s item. Recorded at Jamaica’s premiere recording studio, WIRL, and featuring the musicianship of leading session crews, the Carib Beats and Lyn Taitt & the Jets, the quality of the tracks remains consistently high. Morgan is one of Reggae’s real unsung heroes and this compilation makes it all the more compelling.


1. Bad Luck On Me
2. Father Killam
3. Tears On My Pillow
4. Ain't That Crazy
5. Lagga Head
6. Stumbling Block


1. Pauline Morgan And The Consumates - Give Me A Chance
2. The Inventors - Food Of Love
3. Pauline And The Loveletts - I've Been Searching
4. The Consumates - The More They Get
5. The Black Brothers - You've Been Saying Things
6. Pauline And The Loveletts - Stop The Wedding