Buy Online Reggae Roast feat Reuben Da Silva - Skank Reloaded

Reggae Roast feat Reuben Da Silva

Sensi Skank Reloaded 10-inch Vinyl

10 Inch £16.00

Release Date: 26/07/2019

Discs: 1

The second physical release on the Trojan Reloaded label.

Sensi Skank is labelled a ‘Ganja Anthem’ and made its mark in the UK reggae world in 2011 when first released. The original EP has racked up nearly 1,000,000 streams and is one of Reggae Roast’s most successful releases.

This new 10” release features the original track, an instrumental version and the latest Reggae Roast remix (Sensi Skank Reloaded), which freshens up and brings new life to the original.


Vanguards of UK reggae, Reggae Roast Soundsystem have been at the forefront of soundsystem culture for the past 10 years. A steady stream of quality releases on their own Reggae Roast Records from the likes of YT, Charlie P, Mungo’s Hi Fi and Earl 16 has made them one of reggae’s best respected crews in the country, and the perfect first signing for Trojan Records’ new imprint Trojan Reloaded.

Side A
1: Sensi Skank Reloaded

Side B
1: Sensi Skank – Original
2: Sensi Skank - Instrumental