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Various Artists

Treasure Dub Vol 2. Orange Vinyl

Heavyweight LP £20.00

Release Date: 21/09/2018

Discs: 1

Following the success of the first ‘Treasure Dub’ album, a second volume was hastily assembled. Repeating the formula of the previous collection, the set featured 12 hard and heavy dub tracks that utilised some of Duke Reid’s most celebrated rock steady and reggae rhythms. As with ‘Volume 1’, the musicianship from Tommy McCook & the Supersonics and mixing skills of ace Treasure Isle studio sound engineer, Errol Brown combined to create one of the finest dub LPs of the mid-1970s.


1. Balistic Queen (aka Queen Majesty Dub) (Mayfield)
2. Reining Dub (aka I Wish It Would Rain Dub) (Whitfield/Strong/Penzabene)
3. Toughest Dub (aka Cry Tough Dub) (Ellis/Gordon/Jarrett)
4. Midnight Dub (aka Midnight Confession Dub) (Josie)
5. Chucky Love (aka I'll Never Fall in Love Again Dub) (David/Bacharach


1. Gemini Rock (aka Love Is Not a Gamble Dub) (Riley/Ruffin)
2. Guidance (aka I Can't Stop Now Dub) (Ellis)
3. Top Ranking (aka Everyday Is Just a Holiday Dub) (Parris/Riley)
4. Love Chant (aka The Love That a Woman Dub) (Badale)
5. Twilight Zone (aka Baba Boom Dub) (Cowan/Weir)