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Various Artists

Treasure Dub Vol 1. Orange Vinyl

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Release Date: 21/09/2018

Discs: 1

One of the founding figures of the Jamaican music industry, Arthur ‘Duke’ Reid produced many of the classics of the ska, rock steady and early reggae eras. And when, in the mid-1970s, dub music took hold, he was able to call upon one of the most talented soundmen in the business, Errol Brown. Utilising some of Reid’s most memorable rhythms, performed by the producer’s legendary session crew, Tommy McCook & the Supersonics, Brown created some of the finest dub mixes of the period, a dozen of which were gathered on Treasure Dub Vol. 1, one of the most acclaimed collections from the golden age of reggae.


1. De Pauper A Dub (aka Loving Pauper Dub) (Dobson)
2. Construction Dub Style (aka Let's Build Our Dreams Dub) (Holt)
3. Dub So True (aka True True Dub) (Parker)
4. Arabian Dub (aka Ali Baba Dub) (Holt)
5. Dub I Love (aka Oo Wee Baby Dub) (Ellis)
6. Willow Tree Dub (Rogers/Elgin/Dixon)


1. Touch A Dub (aka Don't Touch Me Tomato Dub) (Symonette)
2. This Yah Dub (aka Those Guys Dub) (Reid)
3. Everybody Dubbing (aka Everybody Bawlin' Dub) (Brevett/Dowe)
4. Moody Dub (aka I'm in the Mood for Love Dub) (Fields/McHugh)
5. Dub On Little Girl (aka Come On Little Girl Dub) (Brevett)
6. You'll Dub (aka It's You I Love Dub) (M. Webber/J.Webber)