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Sly & The Revolutionaries

Black Ash Dub (Orange Vinyl)

LP £19.99

Release Date: 01/09/2017

Discs: 1

Fronted by ace drummer Sly Dunbar and his venerable sideman, bassist Robbie Shakespeare, The Revolutionaries were a conglomeration of many of reggae’s finest studio musicians. At the time of recording Black Ash Dub, the group were in their prime, boasting a stellar line-up that included the fanes Riddim Twins alongside such luminaries as Ansel Collins on organ, Bingy Bunny on guitar, Gladstone Anderson on piano.

The LP provides ample evidence of their talents, harnessed by leading producer Jah Thomas, with revered dub masters, Prince Jammy and Scientist, mixing the killer selection.

Originally released in 1980 and featuring 2 major club hits in “Marijuana” and “Cocaine”, Black Ash Dub is today widely heralded as one of the finest dub collections of the era and considered an essential addition to the collections of all serious fans of the genre.

Available in a limited first pressing on ‘Trojan’ orange vinyl!

1. Marijuana
2. Herb
3. Collie
4. Lambs bread
5. Rizzla

1. L.S.D.
2. Acapulco Gold
3. Cocaine
4. Black Ash
5. White Rum