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I Roy

Gussie Presenting I Roy

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Release Date: 25/08/2017

Discs: 1

Shortly after pioneering DJ U Roy took the Jamaican recording industry by storm in 1970, a new wave of DJs made their mark on the island’s music scene, a handful of whom quickly supplanted most of their predecessors and transformed the art of toasting into a respected art form.

At the forefront of this second movement was Roy Reid aka I Roy, who deejayed for local sound systems in the late sixties before making his mark as a recording artist in 1971.

Soon after, leading Jamaican producer Augustus Clarke snapped for his Gussie Records label, with their subsequent sessions together resulting in the DJ’s highly acclaimed debut LP, Gussie Presenting I Roy LP.

Released in the UK by Trojan Records in 1973, the album established the I Roy as one of reggae music’s most accomplished and original music innovators, whose erudite and eloquent style would in time revolutionise the art of toasting.

Side One

1. Red, Gold And Green
2. Pusher Man
3. Black Man Time
4. Smile Like An Angel
5. Peace
6. Coxsone Affair

Side Two

1. Screw Face
2. First Cut Is The Deepest
3. Melinda
4. Tourism Is My Business
5. Tripe Girl
6. Cow Town Skank