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The Pioneers

Longshot Black Vinyl

Heavyweight LP £19.99

Release Date: 21/06/2017

Discs: 1

The sixties were a golden age for Jamaican vocal trios. During the latter half of this incredibly creative decade, a multitude of harmony groups made their mark on the island’s music scene, but of these only a relative few possessed the talent and determination to endure beyond the rock steady era.

One trio that not only succeeded, but blossomed following the onset of reggae is the Pioneers, who in 1969 became one of the first Jamaican acts to achieve international success with the UK hit, 'Long Shot Kick The Bucket'.

The success of the single was swiftly followed by what became one of Trojan's biggest selling long players of all time, the aptly titled 'Long Shot'.

Comprising new material along with the best of their recent Jamaican singles to date, the collection is a must-have for all self-respecting fans of boss reggae and is now finally available once again, looking and sounding better than ever!

Side One
1. Long Shot (Kick The Bucket)
2. Caranapo
3. Black Bud
4. Long Up Your Mouth
5. Bring Him Home
6. Mother Ritty

Side Two
1. Poor Rameses
2. Samfie Man
3. Belly Gut
4. Lucky Side
5. Trouble Dey A Bush
6. Boss Festival