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The Maytals

Monkey Man Vinyl

LP £17.99

Release Date: 12/08/2016

Discs: 1

First released by Trojan in the wake of the Maytals’ 1969 UK hit, ‘Monkey Man’, the appropriately titled album quickly became a must-have for all British fans of the exciting new reggae sound that had emerged from Jamaica.
The LP showcased the Maytals’ inimitable style for an international audience and in so doing, proved instrumental in establishing the trio of Toots and the group as global stars.
Despite the original album’s popularity, copies have long since been collector’s items, selling for sums well beyond the budgets of most record buyers.
Now, at long last, this classic album, showcasing the work of one of Jamaica’s most popular groups is finally available on vinyl once again.
Mastered from the original Trojan ¼” analogue master tapes and pressed on high quality vinyl, the sleeve and label artwork faithfully replicate that of the 1970 issue, ensuring the authentic look and sound of the album.
Further classic albums are set to follow throughout the remainder of 2016, with each LP exhaustively promoted via Trojan’s website, facebook page, twitter, YouTube channel and mailing list, with reviews actively solicited from all the significant periodicals and sites.


1. Peeping Tom
2. Revival Reggae
3. Give Peace A Chance
4. Gold And Silver
5. The Preacher
6. Bla Bla Bla

1. African Doctor
2. Monkey Man
3. Sun Moon And Star
4. Pressure Drop
5. She's My Scorcher
6. I Shall Be Free