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King Tubby

The Best Of... CD Album

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Release Date: 15/04/2016

Discs: 2

King Tubby's influence on the sound of Jamaican music has been nothing short of profound. After establishing his Tubby's Hometown Hi Fi sound system as one of the island's leading sets, the electrical engineer-turned-music maker proved pivotal developing the revolutionary 'dub' style that transformed the sound of reggae. Today, some 27 years after his tragic passing, he remains a revered and relevant figure in popular music, with no Jamaican music collection complete without at least one compilation of his works. This essential release, featuring 40 of his hardest dub mixes, is the fourth title in Trojan's recently launched value-for-money 2CD series highlighting the work of eight reggae greats.

Disc: 1
1. Buckshot Dub
2. Straight to the Capitalist Head
3. Kingston Town Dub
4. No Conscience
5. The Big Rip Off
6. African Roots (Aka the Invasion Version)
7. V/S Panta Rock
8. Dubbing With the Observer
9. Stalag 17
10. More Warning
11. Blacula
12. Coming Home
13. Dr. Satan's Echo Chamber
14. I Trim the Barber
15. Red Moon
16. Casanova Dub
17. Curly Dub
18. A Harder Version
19. Bass and Drum Version
20. Dub Organiser

Disc: 2
1. A Noisy Place
2. My Time Version Observer Style
3. Spangy Dub
4. Three Times Three
5. Dancing Roots (A Dance in Greenwich Farm)
6. Dub 68
7. King Tubby's City Dub
8. Tangle Locks
9. Roots of Dub
10. Straight to Bunny Lee Head
11. House Raid
12. Drum Rock
13. A Ruffer Version
14. Rebel Dance
15. Nothing Is Impossible (Aka Back Out)
16. Concentration
17. A Social Version
18. Fire from the Observer
19. Dub Star
20. Tubby at the Controls