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Dennis Brown

The Best Of... CD Album

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Release Date: 15/04/2016

Discs: 2

After launching his recording career while still in his early teens, Dennis Brown swiftly became one of Jamaica's biggest stars, cutting numerous major reggae hits, of which 'Money In My Pocket', 'Halfway Up, Halfway Down and 'Love Has Found Its Way' all made the UK charts. These three recordings, along with 37 of his most popular other works are included on this, the third release in Trojan's new value-for-money 2CD series focusing on the work of eight reggae superstars.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Money in My Pocket
2. Wolves and Leopards
3. Love Has Found It's Way
4. Revolution
5. Tenement Yard
6. Equal Rights
7. Here I Come Again (Aka Have No Fear)
8. Ain't That Loving You
9. No More Will I Roam
10. How Can I Leave You
11. (I Am The) Conqueror
12. Party Time
13. Westbound Train
14. I'm Coming Home Tonight
15. Africa (We Want to Go)
16. Sitting and Watching
17. Oh Girl (You're My Inspiration)
18. Historical Places
19. The Exit
20. Wildfire

Disc: 2
1. Man Next Door
2. Here I Come
3. Girl I've Got a Date
4. Cassandra
5. Your Man
6. Children of Israel
7. Why Seek More (Give a Helping Hand)
8. Halfway Up, Halfway Down
9. Blood Sun
10. Three Meals a Day
11. Whip Them Jah Jah
12. Open Up
13. Hold On to What You've Got
14. I Can't Stand It
15. If This World Were Mine
16. Let Me Love You
17. Have You Ever
18. Lost Without You
19. Your Love's Got a Hold On Me
20. Revolution