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Reggae Girl CD Album

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Release Date: 26/01/2015

Discs: 1

Reissue of the classic 1968 album.

One of the most collectible albums in reggae history, built primarily around the three part harmony of The Tennors.

This copious and comprehensive compilation gives an insight into what The Tennors were really capable of. The sound of their delicate harmonies over a smooth rocking beat sums up all that is good and true in Jamaican music.

Reggae Girl - The Tennors
Oh My Baby - The Harmonians
(Rub Me) Khaki - The Tennors
The Stage - Ronnie Davis & The Tennors
Donkey Trot - Clive's All Stars
While I Was Walking - Roman Stewart & The Tennors
He Is Back - Eric 'Monty' Morris
Ride Your Donkey - The Tennors
I'm Gonna Make It - Cliff Smith
Go Your Way - The Harmonians
Grampa - The Tennors
Cleopatra - The Tennors
Parapinto - Karl Bryan & Johnny Moore
Copy Me Donkey - Charlie Organaire with Tommy McCook & the Supersonics
Puzzle - Winston Wright & The Mules
Double Attack - Delroy Jones & The Tennors
The Creeper - Karl Bryan
Massie Massa - The Tennors
Cool Hand Luke - Karl Bryan & Johnny Moore
Donkey Skank - Delroy Jones
San Sebastian - Clive's All Stars
You're No Good - The Tennors
A Little Bit of This - Eric 'Monty' Morris
Deportation - Eric 'Monty' Morris
Do the Reggae - The Tennors
Nimrod Leap - Pacesetters
(Born to Be A) Sufferer - The Tennors
Shame Face - Eric 'Monty' Morris & The Viscounts
Little Things - Jackie Bernard & The Tennors
Another Scorcher - Jackie Bernard & The Tennors
Tribute to Don Drummond - Vin Gordon
V-rocket - The Fabion & The Tennors
My Baby - The Tennors
Wonder of Love - The Inspirations
Cinderella - The Inspirations
I Am Just a Minstrel - The Kingstonians
Yesterday - The Kingstonians
Making Love - The Tennors
Festival Knocks - The Tennors
Baff Boom - The Tennors
Stagger Back - Karl Bryan & Johnny Moore
Sign of the Times - The Tennors
Feel Bad - The Tennors
True Brothers - The Tennors
I Want Everything - The Tennors
Bits and Pieces - Pacesetters
Cherry - The Tennors
I've Got Soul - The Tennors
(So Very) Hard to Believe - The Tennors
Doctor's Medley - The Tennors
Run Come - Ronnie Davis & The Tennors
Baby Come Home - Ronnie Davis & The Tennors