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On The Beach

CD £7.99

Release Date: 23/07/2007

Discs: 2

All their greatest recordings on one 2CD set.

Based around their ‘On The Beach With The Paragons’ album and augmented with a CD and a half’s worth of bonus tracks.

Includes the seminal ‘The Tide Is High’.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. On The Beach
2. Island In The Sun
3. When The Lights Are Low
4. The Tide Is High
5. Love Brings Pain (AKA So Much Pain)
6. Only A Smile
7. I'll Be Back (AKA I Want To Go Back)
8. Happy Go Lucky Girl
9. Yellow Bird
10. Wear You To The Ball
11. Talking Love
12. We Were Meant To Be
13. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
14. The Same Song
15. You Mean The World To Me
16. Riding High On A Windy Day
17. A Silver Bird
18. My Best Girl
19. (I'm A) Worried Man
20. Land Of Sea And Sun
21. Memories By The Score
22. The Number One For Me (AKA You're Number One)
23. Left With A Broken Heart
24. Got To Get Away
25. Equality And Justice
26. You Mean So Much To Me
27. Maybe Someday (AKA Oh How It Hurts)
28. I Want To Be With You

Disc: 2
1. On The Beach (Medley)
2. Blackbird Singing
3. Always
4. Mother Nature
5. The World Is A Ghetto
6. Unforgettable You
7. Dance With Me
8. Do The Best Thing
9. Smile It's A New Day (AKA Pack Up Your Troubles)
10. Do Right My Brothers And Sisters (AKA Change Your Ways)
11. Talk To The People
12. Feel Alright
13. Why Can't I Have My Way
14. Love Vibration
15. Never Will I Hurt You
16. Come A Little Closer (AKA I Desire You)
17. That's All I Want
18. Maddening Crowd (AKA Modelling Crowd)
19. I Need Her (AKA Be My Best Friend)
20. (I Know A) Place Called Zion
21. Heaven And Earth
22. Positive Movements (AKA Israelite Movements)
23. The First Time I Saw You
24. Life Spoilers (AKA Hold Your Horses)
25. Dirty Secrets (AKA You Will Regret)