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Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters

Ape-ology Pts Super Ape Vs Return Of The CD Album

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Release Date: 23/10/2015

Discs: 2

Ape-Ology Presents Super Ape vs Return Of The Super Ape’ brings together 1978’s ‘Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Cornbread’ and ‘Return Of The Super Ape’, as well as 1976’s ‘Scratch The Super Ape’, with the pot being amply sweetened with seven bonus tracks, including the mixes of the dub plate ‘From Creation’. What most assuredly stretches across these two discs is the sound of a maverick, the soul of an inventor and the eccentricities of a man who creates, not detracts from, the brilliance.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Dread Lion (ft The Heptones)
2. Zion Blood (ft The Heptones)
3. Three In One (ft The Heptones)
4. Curly Dub (ft The Heptones)
5. Patience Dub (ft The Heptones)
6. Super Ape (ft The Heptones)
7. Croaking Lizard (ft The Heptones)
8. Black Vest (ft The Heptones)
9. Underground Root (ft The Full Experience)
10. Dub Along (ft The Full Experience)
11. Soul Fire
12. Throw Some Water In (ft The Full Experience)
13. Evil Tongue
14. Curly Locks
15. Ghetto Sidewalk
16. Favourite Dish
17. Free Up The Weed
18. Big Neck Policeman
19. You Squeeze My Panhandle
20. Roast Fish And Corn Bread
21. Dyon - Anasawa (ft The Full Experience)
22. Return Of The Super Ape
23. Tell Me Something Good (ft The Full Experience)
24. Bird In Hand
25. Crab Years
26. Jah Jah A Natty Dread
27. Psyche & Trim
28. The Lion
29. Huzza A Hana
30. High Ranking Sammy
31. From Creation (ft Clive Hylton)
32. Creation Dub 1
33. Creation Dub 2
34. Creation Dub 3
35. Roast Fish And Corn Bread (JA Single Mix Version)
36. Corn Fish Dub (JA Single Mix Version)
37. OK Corral

Disc: 2
1. Return of the Super Ape