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Ken Boothe

Everything I Own: The Lloyd Charmers Sessions 1971-1976 CD Album

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Release Date: 19/02/2016

Discs: 2

Arguably the finest Jamaican singer of his generation, Ken Boothe’s career has cut a catalogue of ska, rock steady and reggae classics over a period spanning more than half a century.

In the early seventies he began collaborating with celebrated Jamaican producer, Lloyd Charmers, a union that quickly led to Boothe’s international breakthrough: the chart-topping version of ‘Everything I Own’.

The follow-up single, ‘Crying Over You’ also became a top ten single in the UK in 1974 and over the years since, the singer has remained at the forefront of the Jamaican music scene.

‘Everything I Own’ brings together 5 of Ken Boothe’s UK and Jamaican albums (4 of which have never previously seen issue on CD) and in so doing collects almost all but one of his recordings cut under the auspices of Charmers - a body of work widely acknowledged as his finest to date.

Includes UK number 1, ‘Everything I Own’ and Top 20 follow-up, ‘Crying Over You’
Many tracks new to CD
Includes contents of 5 albums, 4 of which have never previously seen issue on CD
Ken Boothe still regularly touring the globe
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1 Out of Love (aka I'm the One That Love Forgot) Ken Boothe
2 Into Drums And Bass (aka Out of Love Version) Ken Boothe
3 Missing You Ken Boothe
4 And the Rest of the Instruments (aka Missing You Version) Ken Boothe
5 Look What You've Done to Me Ken Boothe
6 You've Broken the Guitar (aka Look What You've Done to Me Version) Ken Boothe
7 Second Chance Ken Boothe
8 To Get Rhythm (Second Chance Version) Ken Boothe
9 Ain't No Sunshine Ken Boothe
10 Only Precaution (aka Ain't No Sunshine Version) Ken Boothe
11 Have I Sinned Ken Boothe
12 Black, Gold & Green Ken Boothe
13 Susie Q. Ken Boothe
14 (That's the Way) Nature Planned It Ken Boothe
15 My Love Ken Boothe
16 Ooh Wee Baby I Love You (aka Come Back Baby) Ken Boothe
17 Come Softly to Me (aka Dum Dum) Ken Boothe & The Messengers
18 Whole World's Down On Me Ken Boothe & B.B. Seaton
19 (That's The Way) Nature Planned It Part 2 Ken Boothe
20 Rasta Never Fails Ken Boothe with Lloyd Charmers
21 Cherie Baby (aka Sherry) Ken Boothe & The Messengers
22 Crowded City Ken Boothe & The Messengers
23 Is It Because I'm Black? Ken Boothe
24 Now You Can See Me Again Ken Boothe
25 Everything I Own Ken Boothe
26 I'm Falling in Love With You Ken Boothe

1 Everything I Own Ken Boothe
2 Crying Over You Ken Boothe
3 The Impossible Dream (aka The Quest) Ken Boothe
4 Sandie Ken Boothe
5 Is It Because I'm Black? Ken Boothe
6 Down By the River Ken Boothe
7 Playground in My Mind Ken Boothe
8 (You're) Leaving Me Ken Boothe
9 Let's Get It On Ken Boothe
10 African Lady Ken Boothe
11 Walk Away from Love Ken Boothe
12 Silver Words Ken Boothe
13 Blood Brothers Ken Boothe
14 Love Don't Love Nobody Ken Boothe
15 I'm Singing Home Ken Boothe
16 Mammy Blue Ken Boothe
17 I Shot the Sheriff Ken Boothe
18 I Don't Want to See You Cry Ken Boothe
19 No Woman No Cry Ken Boothe
20 Freedom Day Ken Boothe
21 Let Go Ken Boothe