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The In Crowd

His Majesty Is Coming CD Album

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Release Date: 15/12/2014

Discs: 2

Reissue of the classic 1978 album.

Heavily influenced by the lighter side of the American R&B scene, the Stylistics, Chi-Lites, et al, The In Crowd created reggae with a decided urban flair, which proved popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

The band's sublime, sweet harmonies, bubbly rhythms, and arrangements edged with funk, blues, or urban flavours went down very easily.

Disc One

1. His Majesty Is Coming
2. Beg You a Two Cent
3. More Employment
4. Back a Yard
5. Let's Go to the Party
6. We Play Reggae
7. A Little Bit of Reggae
8. Slave Ship
9. You Facety Whitey
10. Born in Ethiopia
11. Power of the Spirit
12. Daughter Child
13. Reggae Groove
14. Life (12" Mix) (by Fil Callender)
15. Riding High (12" Mix)
16. No Money

Disc Two

1. Baby My Love (Feat. Jah Stitch)
2. Love Harmony (By Barry Bailey)
3. Marcus Garvey's Back In Town (12" Mix)
4. Dedicated To Jah
5. Man From New Guinea
6. Add A Little Light
7. Introducing Little Dread
8. Sweet Man (By Fil Callender)
9. Getting Cozy (Extended Mix)
10. Gamesta
11. Rasta Man No Evil
12. Everybody Wants To Be Loved
13. In My Arms
14. Rub A Dub Time (12" Mix) (By Fil Callender)
15. Give Us More Time