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Various Artists

Reggae Chartbusters Vol. 5

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Release Date: 10/08/2009

Discs: 1


Launched by Trojan late in 1969, the ‘Reggae Chartbusters’ album series swiftly became one of the best-selling lines in the company’s catalogue.

Following the simple, but effective formula of highlighting a dozen of the biggest Reggae hits of the preceding months, the LPs provided a showcase for both Trojan and the new style from Jamaica.

Released annually, each of the albums topped the Reggae album charts, even out-selling the much vaunted ‘Tighten Up’ collections, yet surprisingly the series only ran for three years before being brought to a sudden stop in 1972.

Now, some 40 years since the release of the first ‘Reggae Chartbusters’ LP, the seminal line has been revived, the original trio of releases augmented by another three volumes, each of which highlights the most popular Reggae sounds from a specific period.

Volume One brings together a selection of favourites from the late sixties, when the genre was still in its embryonic stage, while subsequent collections trace the music’s development, covering all styles from ‘Skinhead Reggae’ through to the Roots, Dub and Lovers music of the close of the following decade.

Included among the 120 classic tracks on these 6 CDs are over 40 major UK chart hits, with every major Reggae artist from the sixties and seventies featured along the way. Also included are a number of one-hit wonders, such as Horace Faith, the Hot Shots and Blue Haze and who enjoyed a spectacularly brief moment in the spotlight.

Never previously made available on CD, each collection faithfully retains the style of their respective period, with booklets jam-packed with relevant ephemera and fascinating commentaries, written by original Trojan employee, Rob Bell, recalling the label’s early history and the recordings that established it as the world’s greatest Reggae label.


Another taste of what might have been had Trojan maintained the series, this fifth compilation picks up where the previous volume left off, highlighting a score of the most popular Reggae sides from the mid-seventies. The growing influence of Roots and Dub is illustrated through tracks by Rupie Edwards, Johnny Clarke and Junior Byles, but as with the preceding four collections, the emphasis is firmly on more chart-friendly styles, with Ken Boothe’s ‘Everything I Own’ among the assortment of UK hits scattered throughout this impressive set.

Disc 1
1. Susan Cadogan - Hurt So Good 03:01
2. Ken Boothe - Everything I Own 03:47
3. John Holt - Help Me Make It Through the Night 03:06
4. Rupie Edwards - Ire Feelings 03:47
5. Junior Byles - Curly Locks 03:01
6. Johnny Clarke - None Shall Escape the Judgement 03:13
7. Winston Groovy - Please Don't Make Me Cry 03:31
8. The Hotshots - Snoopy Vs the Red Baron 03:05
9. Honey Boy - Sweet Cherrie 02:21
10. Tito Simon - This Monday Morning Feeling 03:16
11. Tinga Stewart - Play De Music 03:13
12. Derrick Harriott - Eighteen With a Bullet 03:40
13. Gregory Isaacs - Love Is Overdue 02:30
14. Lloyd Parks - Mafia 02:55
15. Pluto Shervington - Ram Goat Liver 03:03
16. Ken Boothe - Crying Over You 03:24
17. John Holt - You Baby 03:13
18. Rupie Edwards - Ire Feelings (Leggo Skanga) 02:49
19. The Fab 5 Inc - Shaving Cream 04:02
20. Judge Dread - Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus 02:36