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Dub from the Ghetto

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Release Date: 27/12/2010

Discs: 1

Born Hopeton Overton Brown, ‘Scientist’ made his breakthrough with a reckless mixing style developed at King Tubby’s studio during the late seventies, when the sound of Dancehall was beginning to make its presence felt amidst the more international roots sound pioneered by Bob Marley. His dubs were so wild they even outdid Tubby’s own spectacular efforts at times as he conjured up thunderclaps, explosions, and an entire battery of special fx from his mentor’s four-track mixing-board, hidden deep in the heart of the West Kingston ghetto.

Whilst his mentor King Tubby was the first Jamaican sound engineer to popularise Dub, it was Scientist who gave it a more contemporary expression and raised it to the level of an art form. One initially forged from raw ghetto talent, but that has since found an audience of truly global proportions, as evidenced by the number of current day remixers whom he inspired, and also the enduring popularity of early mixes such as these.  

Disc 1

1. Scientist & Roots Radics Band - Nuh Brother Fight (Heavenless) 03:37
2. Tribute to the Reggae King Dub 04:05
3. Dub of the Traveller 03:24
4. Scientist & Roots Radics Band - Gunshot 03:25
5. Scientist & The Roots Radics - Caring for My Sister 05:36
6. Something On My Mind Dub 02:25
7. Dub of Gladness 03:08
8. Movie Star Dub 03:13
9. Blood Dunza Dub 03:08
10. Scientist & Barry Brown - Seperation 05:32
11. Scientist & Roots Radics Band - Time is Cold (Dub) 03:11
12. Scientist & Roots Radics Band - Miss Know It 03:22
13. One Way 03:08
14. Problem Dub 03:12
15. Young Lover 03:24
16. Scientist & Roots Radics Band - Jah Wrote Me (A Letter from Zion) 05:51
17. Baltimore Dub 04:45
18. Scientist & King Tubby - Scientist Explosion Dub 03:44
19. Scientist & Linval Thompson - Pop No Style 07:01
20. Dub From the Ghetto 02:50